How are u taking your money?


Hey everbody Im doing european getaway oct 3rd.[br]Have no idea what is best way to change my money do i take aussie dollars over and change, Do i change money in australia or do i get a cash passport??? Very confusing descion for a first time traveller. What has everyone else done or doing??? HEEEELLLLPPPPPPPP


Hey,[br][br]l’m off to Europe late August and my action plan regarding money is:[br][br]1) take my aussie mastercard debit card plus two credit cards (ones a mastercard and one is a visa). [br][br]2) get a travelex cash passport which as l understand works in a similar way to a credit/debit card. l’m planning on getting on in EUROs and one in GBP as l’ll be in London for several months after my tour[br][br]3)take with my cash in EUROs and GBP. l’m still undecided when l’ll get this but l will either go to the bank or something like that to get some before l jet off or when l land. Mind you l’ll be landing at like 5 in the morning so l think l’d prefer to get some local currency before jet setting just to save me the hassle.[br][br]Hope that helps![br][br]ps. there are also traveller’s checks but these can be a pain to change[br][br][br]Spirit of Europe 1st September-24th September 2009


I’ve posted in some other threads about it, but get the ANZ Travel Card (or similar). Best thing you can do.


Thanks for your help Pippa Lee. is all just so confusing.[br]I had looked at the anz debit card too. I already have a similar thing with my bank but anz appear to have less fees.


Hey there[br][br]im using travelex cash passport debit cards…i wouldnt be taking bank or credit cards as if u lose it ur stuffed![br]Travelex have cash passorts which can only be used at atms and then they have the cash passport debit cards which can be used atms, shops etc basically anywhere u can use a visa card.[br]You can get each sort of card in AUD GBP EUR (Also USD and NZ)[br]you get 2 cards so if u lose one you always have the other, if u lose both Travelex send u new ones where ever u are![br]Basically if u get a EUR or GBP card the day u load money on it is the conversion rate that is loaded for the amount of money u have put on… if you get an AUD u can use anywhere and its the exchange rate of when u take money out. :slight_smile: [br]Hope this helps.[br][br]Tapis Trail 20 August


Ceck out the Wizard Clear Adavantge Mastercard. If you transfer extra money onto it so it’s in credit - it effectively becomes a debit card and it pretty much fee free. Plus, if you get close to spending the “extra money” you have loaded onto it, it then becomes a credit card also so you can just pay it back at the end of your monthly cycle. I dont know the fees off the top of my head, but I have quite a few friends who have used this and have all said it saved them about $250-300 for a 6 week trip! You can draw money out at ATMs and because it’s Mastercar, if it gets stolen, they’ll get a new card to you within 48 hours. The only downside is if you put say $2000 on the card as extra money, you’re credit insurance doesn’t cover this amount…which is fair enough. So we’re thinking of just loading $750-1k at a time and drawing cash out straight away…[br][br]Hope this helps…[br][br]Becky and Russell[br]European Getaway - Dept 3rd Oct-22 Oct 2009[br]From Sydney, Australia


I’ve recently ordered the NAB gold debit card. It’s free to withdraw money overseas (including using the card as credit).[br][br]Athens to London September 7 - October 1, 2009


I just got back from the EUropean Odyssey. People used a variety of methods. i brought all the euros and pounds from australia in cash and that worked out fine for me. My friend brought some in cash and put quite a bit on a travelex passport, which you can get out of any atm that accepts visa. Others used their banks o/s methods of withdrawal. Majority of the time you’ll withdraw a couple of hundred euros each time you go to an atm and that will last you a few days. =D


I am from the US and I’ve never heard of the ANZ Travel Card? Is this something that is only offered in Australia? I have several friends and relatives who have traveled to Europe from the States and none have mentioned it. I am also not familiar with the cash passport? [br][br]I just planned on taking my debit card(with a Mastercard logo) to withdraw cash as needed and my credit card(American Express). And before I leave the states, I planned on at least converting some dollars into about $150 Euros for cabs, subway cards, bus tickets, etc…[br][br]If this sound like a good idea, let me know, I’m definitely open to suggestions.[br][br]Lee[br]Europen Escape 9/06/09-9/15/09[br][br][br]


ANZ is a bank in Australia (and the UK). Check out the banks in the States as I am sure there is one that does not charge fees when withdrawing cash from overseas.[br][br]Also find out what charges there are from your bank regarding using your credit card. One of my cards charged quite a high conversion fee for every transaction.[br][br]Andrea


Thanks Andrea for the advice!


I used the ANZ Travel card. It’s soooo easy to use and you have the assurance that you’re not directly transacting with your actual home account.


I’m from Canada, going to go on the European Wonder tour on September 10th. I’m planning on bringing straight up cash in Euros, and my visa credit card. I figure most places will require Euros, and the places that don’t I can just use my visa.