How are Topdeck tours?


Hi, [br][br]My friend and I are thinking about going on the Greek Island Hopping tour but do not know anything about Topdeck. How are the tours? Are the hotels nice and near good places to go out? How are the tour guides? Anything you can tell me about the tours I would appreciate. Thanks![br][br]- Fiona


I have done Oktoberfest and Running of bulls with Top deck and it was great. One of my frineds last year did a 20 day tour and when compared to others who have done Contiki, Top deck rated much higher, and better value for money.[br][br]Hence Im booked to do 25 days soon.[br][br]Looked at Island hopping last year, think you will find its not really guided, you can pretty much do your own thing, if you like one island yuo can stay an extra few days and then get next boat.