Has anyone done the Roman Road or Europe Uncovered recently? If so, can you please tell me how the hotels were? and also if possible the names?[br] [br]im thinking of doing Roman Road (which is part of Europe Uncovered i think)in June 2010. [br][br]Also, how was the tour?


although i don’t know how the hotels are - i would suggest doing a hostel one instead![br][br]i’ve been on 2 trips now (camping and hostel) and both tour leaders/drivers of the trips say you got a lot more close with the group in camping/hostel over hotel. i don’t want to discourage a trip and since i’ve never been on a hotel trip, i don’t know for sure so anyone who has been on a hotel trip, feel free to reply![br][br]just trying to get u the best time! topdeck is just so fun! in every possible way…[br][br]Europe Unplugged *July 2008[br]Alps & Matadors *June 2009[br]Mega European Summer 2010


I’m looking for the hotel list of Europe Uncovered as well! Any help guys?[br][br]shez


Did this tour in June this year. Most of the hotels were reasonable. Off the top of my head, Paris was pretty poor although apparently it usually is - ridiculously small rooms (ie, virtually a double bed with someone you’ve only just met that day!) and the bathrooms had certainly seen better days. Aside from that the rest were all pretty good. Mt Rigi was awesome. Really nice rooms, views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Lucerne from your windows, nice bar and pool table etc downstairs. Many of the group complained about small rooms in Nice, although through some sort of mistake my roommate and I ended up in a different part of the hotel in a room with 2 separate bedrooms and a kitchen area so quite like it! Prague was pretty flash and Amsterdam was quite nice too.