Hotels in Rome?


I’m looking for any recommendations for nice but too pricey hotels in Rome, preferably in the city centre area…any suggestions??



I’m not sure what “not too pricey” is for you but I stayed at the Mercure Roma Delta Collosseo hotel which was really close to the Colloseum and a good price for the area. I noticed you’re doing the Bravo Italia which I did too. Lots of people in my tour group stayed at the hotel the tour left from but I found the Mercure one a nicer location and much better room.

Hope that helps.



Hey you should check out the ‘Alessandro hostel’ in Rome, it is in a really good location and it is a great price :slight_smile: It ranges from 2 bed dorm rooms to 8 bed dorm rooms :slight_smile:
Another really good one is the ‘Sandy hostel’ :slight_smile: Have fun in Rome!