CAN anyone pleasee recommend a good hotel to stay in rome for three days? semi class would be aight![br][br]Thanks in advance.


i would strongly recommend the Bettoja Hotel or the Milton Roma: both are reasonably priced and in good locations (close to coliseum, and metro)[br][br]you gotta watch Rome because it is a seriously confusing place and you will get zero help from the locals at all, so being close to a metro really helps![br][br][br][br][br]Edinburgh Festival & Tattoo 2009[br]Oktoberfest - Grossmeister 2009[br]Pyramids & Beaches Xmas 2009[br]


I have looked up quite a few hotels and hostels in Rome and it seems The Beehive comes highly recommeneded by various travellers. They have either dorm rooms or private rooms for reasonable prices and it’s close to the train station. I will be staying there in september before my tour starts.[br][br]Check it out,


THanks heaps guys, im not really a hostel kinda girl, but the Milton Roma looks great thanks heaps for the feed back guys :)[br]