Hot Air Ballooning


Hi Everyone,

I am booked to do the Nile and Beyond tour in May next year, and we have heard about and are interested in doing the hot air balloon ride over Luxor.
Has anyone done this and know how we can book it or how it will work in with this particular tour?
It looks as though we only have 1 day in luxor, and while it is an early morning excursion, will this fit in with the tour? Is it an optional activity or do you have to book it with Top deck before hand, or book it at the beginning of our tour?

Also, we were thinking about upgrading to the cruise boat instead of doing the felucca. Just wondering if anyone knows how to book this, how much extra it costs, and if its worth it? I dont want to miss out on an ‘experience’ but im sure when I am over there I will appreciate the comfort.


This might help you Viator are very reputable.

NB: I am not associated nor do I work for Viator. I have used them in the past and highly recommend.


Thanks for this information!


This looks fantastic! I would be really interested in going on one of these things. Must be sooo cool. :smiley:

But I was always way too scared to go on one. I think I would only do it if they gave me a parachute on my back as well, so I feel safer somehow. Can you do that??? Hahaha