Hostels in London


Hey there![br]Does anyone know of any good hostels in london to stay at as i am arriving a few days earlier before the Grand European tour starts and few days after the tour.


Hey, I work for Topdeck in the Reservations Team. We can book extra accommodation at the Globetrotter Inn (which is where our trips start and finish). They have great share rooms, with 4-6 beds in each (or twin rooms if there are 2 of you travelling together). All rates include breakfast as well and there’s a really fun bar where many a Topdeck traveller can be found. We also arrange accommodation at the Express by Holiday Inn in Hammersmith, this is a hotel as opposed to the Globetrotter Hostel. If you need rates or would like to make a booking you will need to go back to the agent or person that made your reservation.[br]I hope that helps, let me know if you need any more info.[br]Cheers, Bianca


yeh that was very helpful thank you very much


Hi mel[br][br]When are you going on the grand european tour? I am going on the grand european tour that leaves London on 8 May 2007.[br][br]I am booked into the Globetrotter Inn for the night before the tour and the night after the tour.[br][br]From kat22


Hey kat[br]im going on the 11th sep.[br]yeh it looks like i will be staying in at the Globetrotter Inn before and after the tour.[br]How are the prices if you dont mind me asking?[br]You can email if you like