Hostels in Austria + Swarovski Factory?

Hi everyone,[br][br]Does anyone know of any good hostels they can recommend for Austria. Our tour is only in Austria for 1 day…sadly, don’t think it will be long enough for me to venture out to the Swarovski factory (my family and I are collectors!) particularly because we want to do all the adventure sports in Tyrol! So for this reason we are hopefully planning to make our way back to Austria at the end of our trip. I would appreciate any feedback on the area, hostels, getting around.[br][br]We are also considering foing to Vienna and staying there instead (as with Topdeck tour we only go to Tyrol), so anyone know how far away the Swarovski factory is and whether or not its easy to get to it from Vienna? I am pretty sure the factory is in Wattens - near Innsbruck. [br][br]Did anyone’s TopDeck Tour stop there???[br][br]Would LOVE anyones feedback on the factory or just Austria in general!!! :)[br][br]Thanks guys![br][br]Cheers,[br]Bec.[br][br]Becky and Russell[br]European Getaway - Dept 3rd Oct-22 Oct 2009[br]From Sydney, Australia

Try Bookit247, they have a lot of different hotels in their list which can also get you some discounted rates and help you compare them too.