Hostels / Bungalows


Hi All[br]racking my brain out trying to figure out eurohotel / or club. Ive heard stories about stealing etc within hostels and was wondering those who have done a euroclub trip if they encountered any problems and what were the hostels and bungalows were like?[br][br]cheers[br]Simon


Hey Simon,[br]I’ve done a Euroclub and camping trip with Topdeck and have had no problems at all, neither did anyone on my trips. [br]The Hostels are all secure (you actually upgrade to hotels in a few locations), the only way someone could steal something is if people left rooms unlocked or their bags unsecure. I’m not the best example of a security concious traveller though cause I never locked my bag. There are no locks on the cabins in Swizterland but the place is so remote that only a fellow passenger could get into your room.[br]As for camping trips, security is pretty good around the campsite, they have both local and topdeck security watching the place and its pretty easy to spot someone that isn’t travelling.[br]I preferred the Euroclub trip as it was a more social setting, you got to meet and make a heap more friends and never had to worry about waking up other hotel guests.[br]Hope this helps, happy to answer any other questions[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


thanks Christine[br]I was thinking about the european wonder but when you factor in the food fund it works out the same as doing the eurohotel tour of the same number of days but I am really going to meet new people and I suppose the best way of doing this is the euroclub option. Im also looking at doing the vodka and caviar russian euroclub tour. [br]So many tours so hard to decide! :)[br]