Hostels and baggage


Hi if anyone can help i would really appreciate it…I am thinking of takin a suitcase rather than a back pack with my stuff on a campiong trip but then i go on to stay in hotels after the top deck tour.[br][br]Does anyone know in hostels the lockers they provide do they have room for a normal sized suitcase???[br][br]Laura


Hi Laura, you may have to contact the hostels you are staying at to find out how much space each locker has. Goodluck.


omg i did not even think of this - im taking a suitcase too and staying at globetrotter hostel before and after tour !


most hostels have big lockers in the rooms - so make sure you buy a large padlock so at the very least you can lock all your valuables away. some hostels will sell locks but would advise you to buy one before you go. you can get one for a few pounds or dollars.


I highly recommend locking anything and everything you don’t want lost or stolen in your bag! Out of sight, out of mind! Staff at some of the hotels were eating our chocolate! Friends of mine recently went travelling. They stayed at a nice hotel, only to discover that all their duty free purchases and expensive make-up case were stolen. Miraculously the make up bag was later placed under the bed a couple of days later. Lock everything away, even if you don’t have a locker. I locked everything in my backpack each time we left the room. Staff know you are travellers and have money and gifts. Lock it away.


Dear All,[br][br]It is always good practice to buy locks for your bags, just to be safe wherever you are travelling.[br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita