Hostel tips?


What would be the best baggage to take for Europe hostels. Like a duffle or bag? Or suitcase so I can lock it?



I had a wheeled duffel bag which I could lock up the same as a suitcase. Either or really as most of the hostels you get dropped out front so only taking to and from coach but sometimes up stairs but there is the occasional drop off where you may have to walk a few blocks to your hostel. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Is it safe to have suitcases in the rooms? Like luggage wise is it alright to leave it int he room while you explore the city


Yeah we always left everything in the rooms, half the time I forgot to lock my stuff but I wouldn’t recommend that just in case but you are rooming with all your tour so as long as you trust everyone :slight_smile:


Ok awesome. Thanks for the tips. It’s helpful for my purchase of luggage