Hostel in London before Winter Getaway Nov '10


[color=3366ff]Hey all,

I’m starting to finally make plans for my tour of Europe this fall/winter, and I’m planning to do the Winter Getaway tour, the first one leaving the first week of November. I’m hoping to book my London hostel accomodation sometime this week, and obviously want to stay at the one the tour leaves from. I notice that the current meeting/departure place is the Generator, but according to the Topdeck website, the meeting place will change to the Clink for tours leaving after April. If someone around here knows definitively whether it’ll be the Generator or the Clink in November, and which one I should book, it would be awesome if you could let me know! Otherwise I can book both and then obviously cancel the one I end up not staying at, but it would nice to know for sure. Thanks again in advance guys! ;D[/color]


I’m departing for Europe Unplugged in September, and the hostel that the trip departs from is the Clink hostel, where I’m staying at. So it should be the same in November :slight_smile:
It changes from the Generator to the Clink after April. I double checked with them when I was booking my tour.
So all good, book for the Clink :slight_smile:


Hi There

I can confirm that all trips, as of the beginning of April, will be departing from the Clink Hostel.

78 King’s Cross Road
London WC1X 9QG
020 7183 9400

Topdeck Admin