Hostel in Berlin


Hi, im doing the Russian Scandi leaving July 24 from berlin but have no idea which hostel to go to can anyone let me know, thanks


Hi Lisa,

The usual departure point for the Russia Scandi trip in Berlin is the:

Wombats Hostel,
Alte Schönhauserstr.2,
D-10119 Berlin,
Phone: +49 30 847 1082-0.

For more information go to:

Please note occasionally some departures may depart from a different hostel (to the one listed above), so it’s best to double check this with our team at the time of booking.

Topdeck Team


thanks, but just wondering how and when would i double check with your team before i book, or do we meet later in the day and thats where we stay while seeing berlin?


I’m on that trip too! I’m staying a few extra days in Berlin before, but I’m not yet sure where I’ll stay before we meet up at the Wombat Hostel. See you there :slight_smile:


awesome!!! do u know when were to meet up at the hostel, whether its in the morning or night? have u been on a top deck tour before cath?


Never! And it’s my first time traveling alone as well. I just made a new post on the forum asking if anyone else would be there too! Have you been on a topdeck tour before?

The itinerary says to meet in the evening at the hostel – 5pm on July 24.

I see you’re from Canada too. What city?


this is also my first trip, so if we only meet at 5 at the hostel, maybe we can meet up somewhere before, my sis lives in germany and will be taking me to berlin to see some of the sights before i start, im from Sudbury about 4 1/2 hours north from toronto.


Hi guys,

Just confirming that your trip will start in the evening of Day 1. You’ll be given full details (meeting time & location) in your pre-departure documentation. The meeting hostel will also be where you stay during your time in Berlin on tour.

To double check if you’re starting at Wombats hostel, please give our reservations team a call. You’ll find the local number on the Topdeck homepage.

Topdeck Team


just wondering, when do we get our pre departure documentation?


Hi Lisa,

It should be sent out 6weeks before departure via email to you or your agent (if you used one). Let us know if you don’t see if don’t see it soon or chase with your agent :slight_smile:

Topdeck Team