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I am going on the Spirit of Europe Tour starting August 3 and was wondering if anyone knew what hotels and hostels this tour stays at. I am particularly interested in where we will be staying in Amsterdam as I am meeting some friends from Holland who want to stay in a hotel close to where we will be staying.



I also have a trip to England this summer. all of the information are appreciated. Thanks!


Im also going on a Spirit of Europe tour and have been interested to hear about the accomadation. By checking out a number or sources Ive been told these are the places topdeck stay at for Euro club tours.

Switzerland-TCS Camping Schutzenbach
Florence-Camping Girasole
Rome-Camping Roma
Venice-Camping Alba Doro
Tirol, Austria-Sportpension Mountain High
Prague-Plus Prague Hostel
Berlin- Wombats City Hostel
Amsterdam-Hans-Brinker Hotel

Im not sure if this is correct as my tour departs the 13th July. Concerning the hostel in amsterdam i have be told that tours always stay at the Hans-Brinker Hostel. A place which ive been told you wouldnt want to stay at unless you had to. Im not sure how true this is but it seems to be a wide spead opinion.

Hope this helps a little, hope to hear some other news on accomadation :slight_smile:


I was given a list of accommodation we are staying at when i picked up all the documents from the travel agent.


That’s really cool that you were told your list of accommodation when you booked the trip. I’m going on the Northern Exposure trip in August. Has anyone been given a list of accommodation for this trip?


To HF, I am going on the Northern Exposure tour starting 27 June and have received the accommodation list. Not sure if it will change for your tour but this could be a guide.

Germany: Berlin: Wombats City Hostel
Denmark: Rodovre: Absalon Camping
Sweden: Bromma: Angby Camping
Norway: Oslo: Camping Bogstad
Andalsnes: Andalsnes Camping & Hotel
Steinkjer: Guldbergaunet Camping
Korgen: Korgen Camping
Tysfjord: Tysfjord Turistsenter
Skibotn: Strandbu Camping
Russenes: Olderfjord hotel Russenes camping AS
Finland: Saarenkyla: Napapiirin Saarituvat
Jyvaskyla: Youth Hostel Laajari
Helsinki: Rastila Camping
Estonia: Tallinn: City Hotel Portus

Hope this helps. Have a great trip!


yeah the hans-brinker is definitely where the topdeck tours stay at, its actually not that bad! its clean and large the only problem is its a little bit out of the way, because amsterdam is ridiculously pricey and has lots of small places not really suitable to tour groups, or so ive been told. i stayed at the hans-brinker last year with topdeck and we had a great time! plus prague and wombats were also lovely, especially wombats. my last euroclub tour i dont remember staying anywhere with camping in the title for the other countries though! (except switzerland)


Thank you lots for the list Gazz. I hope you have a fantastic trip - please let me know how it goes and any recommendations or top tips. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information…I really appreciate it!



We went to Amsterdam last year in July. It was amazing. We went out loads, ate, saw a few interesting “shows”. :wink: I have to say, the city is not exactly cheap. But there are loads of places to stay, you will not find this difficult. And the centre can all be walked quite easily. We stayed in an amazing apartment in Joordan
, a nice area of Amsterdam, not far from the city centre.


hey all.
i have done 2 topdeck europe trips + i used to live in europe… so any questions you have let me know!!

Berlin - Wombats is amazing!!! They have a gorgeous rooftop bar… the rooms are new and clean. lots of space in them and ours had a bathroom in the room to share between the 4 of us. There is a metro station across the road with quick access to the heart of berlin. located right near alexander platz (good spot)

Amsterdam - Hostel is old… not the best one i have ever stayed at… but its not the worst. hopefully they have renovated and got some new beds since i was last there. but the location makes up for it. and really… its the last 2 night on the tour so by then you won’t really care where you sleep as long as you have a place to lay down for the night!

I did the spirit of europe a few years ago (started my trip in budapest)… if you are staying at the same hostels as we did… the one in poland is right near a highway and is connected to a service station… and is themed orange (like the colour on the message board here) BUT they have really nice new room, a huge dining are and free internet / wifi.

Budapest - was an older hostel but located on the main street. has a bar across the road with cheap beer and a post office about 2 mins away near the burger king.

Prague Plus Hostel - was out of the city centre… but you could grab a tram into town. hostel was HUGE!!! had free laundry in the basement and a heated pool in the basement. internet wasn’t free. and had a weird keycard = money thing. but the keycard was also your room key. made it nice and safe. the rooms we were in were just renovated. so they were great. and the dining hall was in this huge building out back that turned into its own little bar / club after dark… looks like the place used to be a school / hospital cos it was so big + bathroom in the dorm room too.

hope this helps… sorry i can’t remember the names of some of the places

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Thanks for those wonderful reviews, what was ur thoughts on the hostel in London - Clink78?