Hoodies and Jackets in summer


Hey, im doing the mega euro on the 5 July, and i as far as warm clothing goes i was planning on just bringing a hoodie, soft leather jacket and a scarf. The packing guide recommends some other things but i’d like to pack as light as possible. Do you think these are enough? Ive heard some travellers spend most of their trip in july/august in thongs and shorts


Hey Jarrad,

You will be travelling throughout Europe during the summer period so it’s likely to be quite warm. That being said, we can’t predict the weather so you might get a few days that are a bit chillier.
A hoodie and a scarf are a good idea and layers are always key to keeping warm.
The packing guide is just a suggestion of the things we think you should bring from our travelling experience.
If you find your hoodie and jacket aren’t enough you can always pick up a cheap jumper on the way.
Hope this info helps!

The Topdeck Team


Hi , I just came back from 2 months around Europe , I would only take a hoodie , I ended up leaving all of my warm stuff under the busw the only time i used my hoodie was in Switzerland and on the bus cause it may get cold if you sit at the back of the bus



Did you go to the Swiss Alps? I head to switzerland on my tour in late Aug and head up to the Alps -would you suggest that i bring my ski jacket or will a hoodie suffice??



on these forums i heard that the alps arent really that cold during summer most of the time, so maybe just a few layers with your hoodie :slight_smile:


thanks Jessica!