Home from Winter Getaway tour


Hey everyone,[br]I just arrived home this week after my 5 weeks o/s, including the 18 day Winter Getaway trip. IT WAS BRILLIANT!!! You will all have the times of your lives! Thought I would offer you a few tips, but feel free to ask any questions if you have a specific query, I’ll try and help if I can:-[br]* Take a powerboard (ie the boards that hold 4 plugs). Everyone is usually fighting to charge their ipod/camera/phone/use the hairdryer. I had one with me (a tip given by a former topdeck traveller) and it was a big help.[br]* If you can afford it, do all the optional extras. You’ll obviously enjoy some more than others, but it really adds to the experience of where you are - and you become better friends with the people on your trip.[br]* Don’t overpack. I thought I had packed ok with only 3 jumpers and 3 pairs of pants, but seriously, I probably could have taken less. I know, it sounds bizarre, but you really don’t need a heap of stuff.[br]* Take heaps of photos. I may be a bit biaised here, as I took 100’s, but they are a great memento (and one of the cheapest) and everyone gets into the spirit of having their photo taken (well they did on my tour).[br]Happy to answer any questions if anyone has any! Enjoy your trips. Im so jealous…[br]Katie


thanks for coming back and talking to us!![br][br]i had heard about the powerboard thing, but didnt think i would take one… now i think i will :)[br][br]do u mind if i ask how much u spent per day roughly? i know it gets asked so much, but its just good to get the varied responses :)[br][br]did u buy (or want to buy) many clothes while you were there??[br][br]oh and did u have special walking shoes or just runners? i’m not sure if i need different shoes :-[[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Oh my gosh, I’m doing this exact tour in November!!! I’m so happy to be hearing from someone who has done the winter version of the tours… Thanks so much for all those tips![br][br]Can you elaborate on the extras that you speak of?? I’m travelling for a very long while and I am a little worried that I may be running out of cash by the time I get to my Europe tour. How much will I need per day if I want enjoy all the extras?? Also, I know the tour goes to Lauterbrunnen and Salzburg: Is it bitterly cold to the point you need a space-consuming jacket? I’m spending the summer in America/Egypt so it will be annoying if I have to bring such a large piece of clothing with me…[br][br]Thanks for all your help! =)[br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


Hey There,[br][br]With your money there are some days where I spent maybe 40 Euro max. Other days were worse, ie maybe 180 Euro (those days would be paying for optional extras, dinner, souvenirs and then a big night out - including taxis). I had maybe 2 or 3 days like that max. I think if you allow yourself 70 Euro per day you will be well and truly covered. I made sure I always took the time to decide “Do I really need that t-shirt/souvenir etc etc” I was on a tight budget, but I never felt like I missed out. I think I added up the optional extra cost and it was like about 300 Euro approx. So if you just keep that in mind you should be fine. Like I said, some stuff was heaps better than others, but I’m glad I did everything - it just added to the experience.[br]I only had runners for the trip and that was fine. I took runners, boots for nights out and another pair of runner type shoes (Sketchers) and that was heaps. Seriously, everyone ends up wearing the same stuff over and over, so no one will take any notice of you wearing the same shoes each night you go out etc.[br]I bought 2 hoodies (one being the trip hoodie) and two t-shirts - not cause I needed them but because I liked them. You have SO many chances to buy clothes if you need them, so if there is something you feel you desperately need, you will definitely be able to pick it up along the way.[br]Jacket, I had a light weight one from Kathmandu, but it offered a fair bit of protection from the wind, which is probably most important. Layering is the best option. You can always put 2 jumpers on. Don’t waste your money on a massive space suit thick coat - but do get something that’s decent quality - and take a hat!!![br]Hope this helps!


Oh, I’d totally forgotton to pack a hat![br]Thanks for the reminder!