Hogmanay 2016


Hey guys, has anyone else booked the 5 day Hogmanay tour? Cheers, Sheree


Hi Sheree, I will be doing the 5 day Hogmanay tour as well :slight_smile: :sparkler:


hey guys. Are you travelling solo? Thinking of booking this but not sure if everyone will be with friends already? Where are you travelling from to get to Edinburgh?


Hey! :slight_smile:
I’m also thinking about booking this trip. I’d be travelling solo as well, but i know it’s always kinda hard if everyone’s already in a big group of friends.


im thinking of doing it, id be solo!


I will be solo :grin:

I’m coming from Melbourne


My friend and I are doing this tour! Everyone get amongst it, solo or with friends we are very friendsly so you’ll have a blast :slight_smile: also download the top deck app so you can chat to all of us when you book your trip!