Hmmm walking boots are they necessary


i am going on the european wonder trip in september and wounderd if i needed to take walking boots and whats the best sort of clothes to take as i have never done this befor i dont want to take loads of stuff i dont need any help would be greatly apprciated,[br][br]lou x:-[x


God theres no way I’d take walking boots unless you intend on scaling some mountain summitt along the way! Those sorts of boots can be really bulky to pack and carry around when your not wearing them, and bloody hot on your feet too, so I wouldnt bother - but its your call. I’m sure some good walking shoes (trainers) would do the trick. Also see the list of what to bring on the Topdeck website on advice of what to bring… :slight_smile:


thanks for that lots of help one more question i thought of i was thinking of using a hiking ruck sack as i thought this would be easier than a suitcase what about everyone else or is people using suitcases.[br][br]thanks[br][br]lou x:-[x


Hhhm thats a hard one. Now, cant tell from your name whether you’re a guy or girl (sorry) but I’d say it depends on how you like to pack, and maybe the type of tour you are doing? I.e. if you are cabins / camping it, a soft bag or ‘rucksack’ would be good. However, im abit too much of a nana to do that now and am taking a EuroHotel tour, and I like to be able to organise and access my stuff easily, so I’m going for a small suitcase. Also some rucksacks you have to take everything out to get to the bottom, so I’d recommend one that opens like a suitcase maybe. At the end of the day you can only take 20kg max and I think they discourage those really hard plastic suitcases on the coach (check the website?). Im also pretty sure you get dropped off at or near to your accomodation, so its not like you’ll be trekking for miles, so im sure whatever you decide will be fine. Good luck ;D


hey lou, i am also going on this tour. i dont think we will need hardcore hiking boots, unless you already have some broken in that you are really comfortable in. i imagine we will mostly be waking around the cities/towns we visit so just a good comfy pair of shoes that wont give you blisters.[br]as for packing i am taking a travel pack (with a detachable daypack)the zips open up almost all the way around so it is much like a suitcase (only without the luxury of wheels but with the bonus that you can put it on your back if you are climbing steps or something)[br]i think its totally up to what youre comfortable with and what you already have on hand.[br][br]2 months to go!!![br]jackie


right thanks for all the advice i think i have decided that i am going to use a ruck sack as easier to carrie up thoughs steps good thinking jackie.[br][br]As for the walking boots i have decided against this just a nice compy pair of trainers i think.[br][br]Owwwwww im getting exited now just 2 months and were offffff yayayaya.[br][br]again thanks for the advice[br][br]speak soon[br][br]lou x:-[x[br][br]Oh and i am a girl Louise is the full name and im 23[br][br]xx