Hints or Advice?


Hey for a first time Europe traveller is there any hints / tips / advice from past travellers?
what to pack what not to pack? B-)


Best piece of advice I have gotten is to have a good pair of shoes and a pegless clothesline which you can easily get from a camping store


oh awesome we have the Teva sandals so hope they will be ok and yep have the clothesline!
thanks! :wink:


poncho, good walking shoes, and a pegless clothes line


Do not carry spare shoes. While choosing our favorite clothes we are in confuse what to pack what not to pack. Be simple and pack necessary items in bag. Do not carry shampoos, conditioner. Do not pack jewelry, valuable items in bag if you carry then there is a good chance for criminal to steal your jewelry.


No matter how light you pack you will always pack too much! I packed only 7 days worth of clothes and could’ve packed less lol

And have a clear idea on sights you want to see so you can plan your free time a little so you can hit the ground running


My general advice is to pack everything a week out and then look at what you’ve got two days before you go and chuck stuff back on the bed and don’t take it!

A general list for travelling in summer (winter has a completely different packing list ;D):

  • Undies and bras for 4 days
  • 3 t-shirts (in a light colour, they wash better in the laundromats over there)
  • 1 dress (lightweight that can be worn out to restaurants, Monaco etc)
  • 2 pairs shorts
  • 1 pair long pants (I don’t recommend jeans as they take forever to dry. Think of a pair that contains some polyester which will dry quickly)
  • Cossies - you only need 1
  • Sarong (which can double as a pillow on the beach and in the tent, and also as a long skirt in those places that require women to have below the knee stuff on, or as a shawl if you’re going somewhere where women can’t have tank tops on)
  • Good enclosed shoes
  • Pair of sandals/flats (again that you can walk in)
  • One warm jacket that is lightweight
  • Hat

As for toiletries etc, to each their own. But if you’re on a EuroClub or camping tour, you’re going to need a camping towel. Also a bar of Sunlight soap, which you can use to handwash.



Hi Adeletim,

Thanks for sharing your thought with us. If you plan tours and traveling you must need these things. Pack clothes suitable for the conditions and be prepared for extremes, especially if you are going off the beaten track. Make sure to take spares. stove and torches work and test blow up beds. pack dry goods and freeze meat. Use frozen bottles of drinking water as chillers. Prepare what you can before you leave home. Use plastic bags instead of the original packaging.Take maps, contact details, cash and a first aid kit. Leave your contact details with someone and tell them when you plan to return. Pick the best location for your tent. Consider factors like the weather forecast, wind direction, the slope of the ground and how the soil will hold your tent pegs. Are there any risks e.g. from flooding if a river rises in heavy rain.Plan your return trip. Try to pack up to make things easier on return and prepare your return journey as you did your trip there. If you plan traveling to abroad then you need also international SIM CARD. Last time I was in China and I used the service of ttoolkit they provide International Sim Card for traveler really awesome service.


Hi Adeletim,

From my trip the tips I can give are (as I’m sure everyone has said to you) PACK LIGHT!
I was over in Europe in their summer and I packed two jumpers and only used one the whole time. All you need is one jumper and a water proof jacket which can be used if its not too cold.

As said above, definitely plan what you want to see in each place you are going. I was surprised by the number of people on my tour who hadn’t even looked at the itinerary and didn’t know what they wanted to see in each place. Topdeck give you a map with all the sights and what they are about the day before you get there so that helps a lot. I’m not saying go out and study each place but it’s very handy to read your whole itinerary and option activities for each place before you get there so you can can and idea of what you really want to see. There were quite a few people on my tour who regretted not doing a little bit of research on the places because they missed out of some amazing things.

Everyone says good walking shoes and that is completely up to you but me personally. I took some walking shoes kind of like converse or volleys, some going out shoes and two pairs of thongs. I think I wore the walking shoes about 4 times (and I did the Mega European 49 day tour) and mostly just wore thongs. I wore the shoes really only when I knew were visiting Church’s or religious sights which required covered feet.

Something I found really helpful was have a small backpack which I took out every day where I kept my waterproof jacket just in case, water, maps and anything else I wanted for the day and it usually held a couple of my friends water bottles as you would be surprised how thirsty you get. It helps when you don’t want to have things in your hands all day and if you buy little souvenirs you don’t’ have to carry them all day.

Handwash, vitamin c tablets and multi vitamins were pretty handy. I underestimated the handiness of keeping up my immune system and got pretty sick at one stage. They best thing to do is to start taking them at least a month before and constantly through the trip. You can get pretty worn down and getting sick sucks on your holiday but just push through it and don’t let it make you miss anything. Also medicine is pretty cheap in Europe and you can get antibiotics over the counter so if you are really sick and you don’t know the language ask for amoxicillin which is antibiotics.

Lastly a bit of commen sense will make sure that you don’t get pick pocketed, scammed or anything like that. When you are on a train just throw your backpack on your chest where you can see it and keep your hand on your wallet. Also respect the cultures you are in and locals will be really nice to you. Simple, and you’ll have not worries.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.



Wear good walking shoes, and a pegless clothes.


A double adaptor to plug into your power point adaptor, really handy when you need to charge 2 things at once


i am from australia and am doing the greek island hopper and the 24 day spirit of europe trip this sept/october… just wondering what the weather is like then… i do not really like the cold and was wondering if i will have to be rugged up the whole time or if the weather is just nice… just thinking packing wise.