Just a pretty basic topic really, what have previous travelers, learnt from their experience?

For example:

Did you pack stuff you didn’t need, or not pack something u really wish u had?
What sites did u see that really made the trip?
How’d you break the ice with your fellow travelers?
Etc. etc.

Basically any tips, tricks and advice on what to expect and how to make the most of your trip.


I’ll even start us off, my best piece of advice for those heading to the uk or similarly cool climate areas is a really good warm and wind proof jacket, I spent a month in the uk a couple of years ago in April thinking it would be warming up a bit, wrong! Compared to even the worst auzzie winters it was cold. my driaz-bone saved me, didn’t end up needing any of my jumpers or anything else a long sleeved top and my jacket nice and warm, could have saved a couple of kilos of luggage :slight_smile:


I packed way to many t-shirts I generally wore the same few every 4-5 days. My best piece of advice was don’t stress about packing. If you’re not going to a third world country there will be shops to buy things if you forget something ie, toiletries. I loved Spain and Amsterdam just experiencing their culture was amazing. The first night of our tour was in paris and we all just got off the bus for our night tour and we just sat down and talked for hours just meeting each other. Also buy a pegless clothing line i washed my clothes at night and was always struggling to find somewhere to put all the wet clothes


This is a good topic I’m heading to the uk later this year doing a summer fun and sailing tour then gonna live in England for a bit so any advise would be great


Thank you for the idea on the pegless clothesline - I have now purchased two of them one for me and one for my husband.


Anyone know where I can get a pegless clothesline in South Africa?


Dunno shop wise most camping places have them in aus if ur stuck Kathmandu sell them online and ship to most places and BivoUac.com.nz is another great site, ship everywhere and u can pic your currency at the top of the page saves trying to fiddle around with exchange rates


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips!! Jennilee, I just bought a pegless clothes line off ebay and some sellers send them worldwide.


thanks for the advice, ill keep it in mind. as well as the clothes lines, i read in another forum to bring a plug so u can wash your clothes in a sink if you cant get to a laundry mat :slight_smile: