Highly recommended optionals


What are some optionals that you past travelers highly recommend for either euroclub or euro hotel trips?


I did discover europe and I did most of the optionals because I didnt want to miss out on any experience! The only ones I didnt do was the fat bike tour in Paris (I did the bike tour in amsterdam) and the river cruise in Paris as I did the caberat show, which was pretty good.
I loved the gondellas in venice absoutely amazing, the walking tour of berlin is a must!!!
one of our trip optionals was a topdeck t-shirt/jumper which we all as a group got to design with all our names on the back. :slight_smile:
hope you enjoy ur trip


Thanks a lot.


Would you recommend the cabaret show in Paris?? Have been on the River cruise before so thought i would go to the show this time…although its alot more pricey!!!



yeah the caberat show was pretty good, lots of variety of entertainers!!
I have heard from a friend who did contiki the moulin rouge show in Paris is fantastic but very expensive.
We also had the option to do the flamanco show in Barcelona but the soccer world cup final (spain vs netherlands) was on and we all skipped it to watch the match so I dont know what that was like either.


I went to the cabaret on my Topdeck trip and then the Moulin Rouge this year for a weekend away.

The Moulin Rouge was REALLY expensive (twice the price of Topdeck’s show) and was a bit rubbish. The sets and costumes were pretty cool, but the dancing was terrible! At least the dancers at the cabaret Topdeck took us to could actually dance! The Moulin Rouge dancers just sort of stood on stage and shook their feathery head-dresses, without any dancing taking place.


I found the vatican a bit boring,Im not really interested in religion and that kind of thing. :slight_smile:
If you go to Slovenia, u have to check out the skeleton bar there, it’s got heaps and heaps of different cocktails and its pretty cool.
We also did the house of horrors in Budapest which was heaps interesting


Bobsledding in Lillehammer Norway is amazing and a must
The Moscow Circus is really good
Nordkapp excursion
Flamenco show is a really boring but was good cos we made it good
Sex show in Amsterdam is just funny and entertaining
Schnapps museum take it or leave it but it’s cheap and you get your money back in shots and most people do it
Prada Park in Vienna good amusment park
Berlin Pub Crawl is good
Amsterdam Canal cruise (with free drinks) really good fun but can get messy
Janfrau excursion a must

The best thing is your trip leader will explain to you how much it costs and what the optional is so you can make an informed decsion on wether you fancy doing it or not and unlike other tour companies they don’t pressure you in to doing it so they make a cut.