**helppp back pack or suitcase?**


Hey guys need some help on weather I should take a suitcase or a backpack I’m doing European pioneer an have no idea what to take (or pack) haha any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I would say defiantly a backpack… Makes it all so much easier!!


I thought that too but thought it might be easier to get stuff in an out of a suitcase? Def a backpack would be easier to get around with though :slight_smile:


Yeh last time I was there I had a suitcase and it was a bit hard! Buy a backpack which opens the whole way up like a suitcase, it’s win win :slight_smile: haha


Ahhh didn’t know you could get them :slight_smile: ill have to go have a look, thanks so much :slight_smile:


Heya :slight_smile: I’m doing ‘spirit of Europe’ in August, and also wondering about the lugguge. Am I allowed a backpack, and a hand-luggage sized bag? Really not keen on lugging a huge suitcase up stairs if accommodation doesn’t have elevators!!!



Yeh I think Kathmandu sells them, they are pretty sick :slight_smile:


Awesome ill check it out :slight_smile: hey Nicole yeah you can have a backpack n a day bag unsure of sizing though!


Hey Shane,

I took this backpack with me and it was perfect for me. I had a BlackWolf Cedar Breaks (2012 Model) 75 Litre Pack (http://www.bagworld.com.au/shop/brands/blackwolf-adventure-backpacks/). I did the 49 Day Mega European and I had more than enough room for the whole trip. Just pack relatively light because it’s so easy to buy clothes over there if you want them.

The backpack also has a small day pack attached to the big one which you just unzip and take with you during the day. It was really handy for carrying things like water bottles, spray jacket, sunscreen and whatever else you want.

There are some useful hints on what to pack and about bags in this thread as well as other tips : http://forum.topdeck.travel/european-tour/27900/q-s-tips-advice-mega-euro-others-ask-here

I hope this helps.


Awesome thanks so much coggo…very helpful :slight_smile: yeah was unsure what to pack especially travelling for so long and being my first time on a big trip!


I’m taking a soft bag/suitcase, with wheels. I have a bad back so didn’t fancy a backpack. Might regret it when I have to get up a flight of stairs :s


Fingers crossed there’s elevators :wink: