This isn’t as urgent as the subject makes it seem, but I have a couple of questions and any help at all would be much appreciated :)[br][br]My cousin and I are planning on doing a topdeck tour in june/july next year, and I was just wondering… how far in advance do the tours become available to book? We were talking to a travel agent and we forgot to ask that, but she did raise another point… the payment.[br][br]What are people’s experiences with paying for the tour? Can you do partial payments etc?[br][br]Also… we’re thinking of doing the Europe unplugged camping tour. Is the camping well worth it?[br][br][br]This final question (and it is the last, I promise!) is thrown around alot, but what are people’s personal experiences with spending money? I know they say about 50 euros a day, but is that really a realistic amount, especially if you’ve never been to Europe before? :P[br][br]Thankyou! :slight_smile: Julia


Hey Julia,[br]You can book tours for all of the 2010 season now! As for payment; My experiences have all been pleasant. When you book a deposit is required (for me its usually been 10% of the total) then final payment is due roughly a month before the trip departs. One of the best things about the Topdeck Res-team is they are always helpful if you can’t pay a lump sum. Just contact them to work something out.[br]My first tour was the European Getaway (Euroclub) and I loved every minute of it and did a camping festival for Oktoberfest-again brilliant! It reall depends on what you want to see/what kind of experience you are after. Either way you will have a brilliant time.[br]As for the spending money I had never been to Europe before either. The ?50p/day is roughly acurate but you wont spend anywhere near that on travel days and it also depends on what you want to spend your money on. I hardly brough any souveniers so my money went to the optional extras. Other people on my tour where the exact opposite. For a 20 day tour I think (its been a while now) I spent about $1800AU covering food, shopping and optionals.[br]Hope this helps, if you have anymore questions just give us a shout[br]:slight_smile: Christine[br][br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009[br]Brugge Christmas Market Weekend 19-20 Dec 2009[br]Hogmany Edinbrugh 30 Dec 2009


As Chrissy says, you will hardly spend anything on your travel days. Just whatever you buy for lunch/at toilet stops. You will spend quite a bit on your full days in cities with entrance fees, public transport, lunch, souvenirs, dinner, drinks etc so over 2 days it probably averages out at the recommended 50-60 Euros a day. Some places you will spend more than others though. Places like Rome and Paris you’ll likely spend a fair bit on entrance fees and souvenirs, but on Pag Island for instance you’ll just buy lunch.



If you’re looking at booking for 2011, the brochure will probably come out in November/December 2010. This is usually also a good time to book as if you pay in full you can get a 10% EBD. I did this with my last big tour and saved $300!

If you’ve never been to Europe before and you want to do everything, then I would budget closer to 75EUR/day, maybe a little less for camping tours. I really enjoy my camping tours as you are often in the same place as the locals and it’s good to chat with them and you get to see what they do on holidays.

Top Deck always give you plenty of information on getting in/out of town via local public transport and in Europe these tend to run later than they do in Australia. Also another great way to experience their culture (except in places like Prague where it’s just impossible to read anything!).

You can do you tour on the ultra cheap or you can have a good time. Don’t forget, with things like GoogleMaps etc, you can plan you time in the city with walking directions and this means you could literally day by day build up a budget on exactly what you wanted to see in each place and how much each day would cost you.