HELP with a Luggage question?


Hello!!![br]I was just wondering what size suitcase or backpack to take? Im going on the Grand European (5 August) and i dont have a backpack as yet. Which is best a suitcase or backpack? Could you please tell me how many litres would be best as i have NO clue what to buy!![br]Thanks so much for helping!![br]X :slight_smile:


Haha I’m away for 5 months and if you take as much as me get the biggest pack you can I have a 95l. Remember if you take a suitcase you will have to carry it alot because in alot of places there are cobbled streets making it very hard to wheel a trolley suitcase.


Hi, I think my backpack is a 55L pack and I found this was big enough. My partner took a 75L pack it is was literally huge! Most packs allow you to make it a bit bigger by 10L. I think we ended up getting “Black Wolf” bags from Aussie Disposal shop and they were on Special for no more than a $150.00. Any good back pack you buy should have a Lifetime Guarantee.


Thanks heaps guys. I think that gives me a good idea. Maybe i’ll get a big one and only half pack it to save room for nick-knacks and mementos! woo hoo! haha [br]Cheers [br]xx


this is a strange question? [br][br]what do your packs/cases weigh empty- mines already 10 kilos empty… is that normal or is mine concrete lined or something weired haha


omg!! 10kg!![br][br]I dont think mine would weigh anymore than 3kg - i havent checked though…[br][br]but 10kg!!! why is it so heavy?![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I’ve got a hard-case suitcase, and apparently it’s 6 kilos when empty (although I haven’t checked for myself). No idea how travelgirl’s could weigh that much!


I know and it’s brand new! [br][br]It feels light but the scales say 10kilos!! [br][br]I’m thinking maybe it’s the scales- so I’ve decided to go weigh it at the chemist and if it is 10 kilos I’m taking it back haha.


I was thinking of taking a backpack for the convenience of carrying it up stairs etc, but would a suitcase be better protection for things I buy like souvenirs. Has anyone had any problems with taking a backpack and then got back home to find that half your stuff is broken.


One thing I highly recommend taking on the trip is one of those poster protector cylinders from the post office. Take a small one if you are worried about the size so it can fit into your case/backpack. They come in sooooo handy for those side street posters/sketches which you will see often in Paris, Italy and even in Prague. I reluctantly didn’t buy any as they would have been damaged and wish I had a cylinder for protection. Backpacks are easier to manage and it means your hands are free to carry other things with. If you are worried about valuables you could always take some bubble wrap and even a small post office box to protect your items.


OH I would definitely suss out your case “travelgirl”. That’s crazy and 1/2 your lugguge limit gone already! I think my Backpack weighed no more than 15 kilos in total.


good news! my suitcase weighed in at only 4.8 kilos! relief lol


Thank goodness for that travelgirl!


Hello [br][br]I am looking at buying one of those backpacks that have a daypack attached. However most of the day packs on these things are only small and if you were to use the daypack as your hand luggage on the plane you’d only be making the most of half the size and weight your aloud for take on luggage. So I was thinking of leaving the daypack on the backpack at all times and useing a bit bigger day pack to take on the plane etc. However this may take half of the backpack over the size limit where the daypack is attached. Does anyone no if this will be a problem with size restrictions for the bus. I hope this makes sense.[br]


okay im on the euro club sort of tour how much backpack carrying/trolleypushing does this entail?? from the sounds of it we are carrying our stuff everywhere. is this for eeryone o just the euro campers??[br][br]


Hey “Acourt”, I understand what you mean and yes the attached backpacks are smaller than the ideal size. It’ll be fine on the bus if you take a backpack that isn’t attached to your big bag. I didn’t really worry too much about the dimensions of my backpack for the bus but just made sure it wasn’t over 20kg.