HELP which tour whos done what


Hi I am 23 yo female. I want to do Europe around August this year is this a good time

what tours would you recommended

I want to spend around $3000 on the tour

also is their places to charge my ipod on the tour or should i bring a charger

thanks in advance



I’m doing the Grand European. Its great because it covers a heap of places all over Europe, which is exactly why I picked this tour. Not a lot of tours cover both Spain and Prague… it is generally one or the other. This one includes both!

Its a little more than $3k its closer to the $4k mark but it includes heaps of meals and the accom is in hostels and cabins and even a castle for one of the places.

Hope this helps!

I’ll be 21 when I go on the tour so there will be heaps of people around our age!


And i think that the buses might have a USB port to charge your ipod but if not just bring an adapter… I most likely will as well.


I did the discover europe last July with topdeck and going again with them in June to do Britain/Ireland tour. I have had great experiences with topdeck and I cant wait to go again.

When i decided to do a trip overseas, I went to my travel agent and got a topdeck brochure and went through ALL the europe trips and taking into account different options (how long I wanted to go for, cost of tour, places I wanted to go, when I wanted or could go with my work ect) and made my decision that way, just working my way through and finally found one that suited me. I was travelling alone so I wanted a tour where I could meet lots of people and see as much as I could.

I brought europe travel adapters (u need at least two I think to charge camera, phone, ipod ect) which was called Journey by KORJO, they have listed on the back which countries are compatible to use the adapters in, didnt have any problems with them on my tour.
As far as I have experienced and read on other posts, there are no usb ports on the buses.

Good luck, hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hello, im Justine and I am doing the European Getaway on 6th August! its 20 days, 10 countries and i cannot wait! Not sure about how much it is in $ as I am from the UK?!
With regrds to the charger, I am not entirely sure as I havent yet done a tour but I am hoping that there are facilities on the bus to charge :slight_smile:
Good luck in deciding, maybe we will end up on the same tour!