[Help] Sprit of Europe / Grand European Anyone?


Hi people![br][br]I am actually considering between these 2 trips and having a hard time to decide one! I know they are both great tours but which would you guys recommend based on past experiences/research? [br][br]Thanks in advance![br]Gabriel


I haven’t been yet but looked at a million tours with a million different companies before deciding on the Spirit of Europe. It’s quite a diverse tour because it goes through all the standard European hot spots like France, Switzerland, Italy (5 dats there!) etc but then goes through Eastern Europe to Hungary, Poland etc. There’s 2 concentration camps also which (in a morbid way) will be a highlight. [br]Guess it depends what you want to get out of the tour and what the most important things are for you to see/do are. Check out the optional extras for both as well.[br]Those are my thoughts anyway hope that helps a little.[br]:slight_smile:


Yikes, I’m getting more coffee, how many flamin’ typos can one message have haha.