HELP! Spending money for 3 weeks


Hey guys,[br][br]I was thinking about how much money i should take on my[br]tour. I am doing a European Getaway, with about 4 or 5[br]days in london also.[br][br]I was thinking maybe a couple of thou $ but i was just wondering if anyone out there has any advice on this?? [br][br]Any help would be of great help too me[br][br]Melissa


Hey melissa I just got back from that trip and depending on ur spending habits a few thousand should do u fine… I spent about 4000 US while i was on the trip and i did a week in london after and 3 days in dublin. A good chunk of that money went to liquor so it kinda depends on ur priorities… Hope this helps…


Hi Melissa. I am doing the European Escape tour which is an 11 day trip. Also, I am going to be spending about 4 nights in London at the end of my tour and 2 nights in Paris at the beginning. I have really been debating on how much money I need to take. And I too thought $2000(USD)would be sufficient but some people have said that I might should take a little more. So, I’m kind of at a loss there. [br][br]Also, I’m not real sure what the best payment methods are. Woostyle-Since you just got back from one of the tours, what do you recommend as far as the use of credit cards, traveler’s checks, cash, etc…I want to make sure that I am able to benefit from any possible exchange rate differences.[br][br]Woostyle-It looks like we are one of the few people on here who are from the US, so maybe you can give some pointers about what to do about calling home. I have at&t wireless and they offer an international roaming package that you can add to your cell plan for the time that you are in Europe. Is this what you did or did you find it more economical to purchase a phone in Europe.[br][br]Any pointers/tips would be greatly appreciated.[br][br]Lee[br]European Escape[br]Sept 5th-Sept 17th


Hey Mel,[br]I did this tour a few months ago and spent a week in London and all up spent about $2500AUS. I hardly brought any souveniers on my trip (suitcase restraints) and did nearly all the optional activities listed. I spent about ?250 in London on Food/drink, tube tickets and entry to tourist attractions.[br]On the trip-food was the biggest killer (there was just way too much good food that I had to try). I aimed to spend about ?40 a day but this varies (some days I spent more/less) so it averages out at the end.[br]Hope this helps[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


Hi guys, I did the essential europe last year and spent about 13 days in scotland and london before our trip so all up about 3 and half weeks! My partner and I spent $3000 aus in the Uk and $3000 on our 12 day tour. we also spent about 2000 on the credit card, but we did everything, brought everything we wanted (not to mention the 100 pounds we spent on postage!) if its your first trip you dont want to get home and be dissapointed that you didnt buy anything! I brought some birkies in germany, 2 stiens (which are pretty expensive) scottish knives, swiss army knives, lots of scotch whiskey, tshirts from octoberfest and amsterdam and loads more!! plus heaps of yummy food. Its a good idea to buy pretty cheap food most of the time (lunch, buy sandwiches etc) and go out for a few really good dinners, we did a big dinner in scotland, one in rome and one in Paris and it really was a highlight of our trip!![br]Hope this helps, hope you have fun!!


Hey,[br][br]I’m doing the European Odyssey October 31st and will be gone about 3 weeks in total too. I’m budgeting around $5000 AUS and the travel agent said that should be much more than enough so hopefully she’s right![br][br]Bonnie[br]European Odyssey October 31st 2009


hey everyone, i was looking on a few sites and the general concensus is $100-$150 a day will MORE THAN COVER you and that includes ALL optional exras.