Help! Russian Visa Info


Hi! In need of some help. I am applying for my Russian Visa, on the application it is asking for a “reference,” number, and “confirmation,” number. I am having trouble with what number the confirmation number is? Any information would greatly be appreciated. I am from the US. Thank You.


Hey Kati
Im applying for a visa right now too
Which tour are you doing?
I had a lot of trouble trying to decipher the two, even after emailing a lot of different people for help. I might be able to help you though…
First off have you got a letter of invitation aka visa support letter?


Hi! I actually called TopDeck yesterday and they figured it all out for me. If you got the invitation letter through TopDeck, it’s the number after 000500… The number has periods, and dashes in it, use this number without the periods, dashes etc. That is your confirmation number. The 000500, or whatever yours may be is the reference number.

Hope that helps. I am going on the July 17th Vodka and Caviar tour, starting in St. Petersburg. What about you? I’ll be London for a few days prior. I’m from the US, what about you?


Hi @Kati521 do TD normally get the invitation letters for trips that require them? I wasn’t aware but that makes life much eaiser :slight_smile:


Hello! I don’t know if they do for all tours? But they emailed me my invitation letter for Russia. It’s not in the TopDeck emails it would be in your personal emails.


Thanks @Kati521 :slight_smile:

Have an awesome trip :slight_smile:

My 1st TD trip is 24days away hehe, getting fairly excited (I kept being told once I do it I’ll get a travel bug lol) always had bug just never travelled haha


You will have a wonderful time. And yes the travel bug does exist. :grinning:


Hey, yeah I got in contact with the visa office here and they were a help!
Oh cool! Im from Oz. Im doing the red star special 9/7/17, you’d be two weeks before me if my tour met yours. Looking forward to it!:smiley: