Help please!


Hey guys,
I have a few questions…
Hard case suitcase? I just bought one and now I’m reading that I shouldn’t have :persevere:
When should I book? because I still haven’t decided on a trip but it’ll definitely be late September early October.
What to pack for 2 weeks in October???
Sim card?
Will a commweath travel card do the job?
Do you need a sleeping bag for bungalow trips or/and twin share dome tents? (Even if only for 3-5 nights)


Hey Jaide,

Thank you for your interest in travelling with Topdeck :slight_smile:

Your hard case will be fine as long as it doesn’t have any sharp edges to it which will cause damage to other passengers luggage. In terms of size and weight restrictions you can find these on our FAQ page

It is going to be cold in most places in late September so ensure you bring some warm clothes with you along with some T-shirts as well.

There is wifi in many places around Europe (including our coach!) so if you do require a sim card you are best on getting an international one before you depart. But you can easily go without it if you are happy to!

Travel cards are a popular and easy way to bring money with you on your travels - I have seen people use the Commonwealth one before with no issues :slight_smile:

Sleeping bags are only required for ; camping trips, Scandinavia trips or when we have Greek Sailing involve in our European itinerary.

Which trip where you looking at? Please don’t hesitate to call us or email to

We look forward in helping you on a trip of a lifetime!

Topdeck Travel - Emma


Hey! I just got back from a Topdeck tour on Sunday.

  • I had a hard suitcase and regretted it! Mine got absolutely destroyed as there are so many streets and stairs you have to drag it up and down. I definitely recommend a backpack over a suitcase!
  • I booked 2 months prior to departure but definitely book in now to secure your spot as some tours book out quite quickly!
  • Not sure about October weather, but being a girl I would suggest taking more going out clothes than you think you need (unless you really don’t care!). A lot of girls on my trip ended up bringing only 1-2 going out outfits and regretted it as they wore the same thing all the time and spent a lot of money on shopping buying new clothes! Also don’t bother with heels. Europe has the most uneven, cobbly streets you’ll ever come across! You’ll be fine with thongs, sneakers and a nice pair of flats!
  • I bought a sim in London with a company called Three. It was £20 and provided 12gb of data to use internationally and it was the best purchase! The coach only has a certain amount of data to use and you’ll use it up pretty quickly.
  • I used the Commonwealth travel card with no dramas. Most of the people on my trip used the same one and no one had problems.
  • I did the hostel accomodation trip and didn’t require sleeping bags anywhere.

Hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions! Especially since it’s all fresh in my mind! But no matter which trip you take, you’re going to love it! Topdeck is amazing! :slight_smile: