: HELP me get to Oz! PLEASE Vote for Me!


Hello! “G’day” and “How you going?” :wink:

My name is Tom and I need your help in a contest!!!
I am pleading with you, YES, in fact, almost BEGGING you to vote for me!
All you have to do is ‘Like’ a picture on Facebook! How easy is that?!

- Just visit Topdeck’s Facebook page by clicking HERE

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- Next, simply hit ‘Like’ on my photo of me doing some rather odd things in Pisa!
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I would LOVE the AMAZING opportunity to see Australia for the first time, swim among the waters of the world’s largest reef, gaze over the beautiful Sydney Harbor, meet “heaps” new friends :slight_smile: and brush up on my Aussie slang. Please help me get there! Like my picture! :smiley:

Thank you all so much!

I need as many ‘likes’ as possible to win!