HELP! Exchanging Money


Hi [br][br]I’m heading off on the European Wonder Tour on Wed 1 Aug and was wondering if anyone knows if there is an ATM where I can get euros out at the France ferry terminal where we arrive. If not I’ll have to do it in UK. I didn’t bring any aussie cash with me and am trying to figure out the best way to get euros. Your help is appreciated[br][br]Lucy


In my pre-departure info, I think it said somethng about being able to change money into euros at the ferry terminal or on the ferry to France. Either way, you can definitly change money in the terminal or on the ferry.


Hi Lucy, there is a currency exchange store on the ferry but I think the exchange rate is really high. Basically I just withdrew money once in France at an ATM as most of the places I visited were using EUROS. ATMS are everywhere so you won’t have a problem.