HELP! Converters/Transformers



I’m from Canada, and I’m having trouble finding a good voltage converter (sometimes called a transformer). Many of them say not to use to charge batteries (ie camera or phone) and some say not to use to charge anything with a circuit board (ie cell phone or laptop).

Can anyone recommend a brand/model that my friend and I could safely use to charge our camera batteries, her laptop, and the cell phone we’ll be sharing?

We’re travelling in 5 weeks and need to find out right away just in case we have to order online!

Much thanks,



Hi Mychal

Most laptop chargers and camera chargers these days support a voltage range of 110-240V, so therefore in most cases a transformer is not required all that is required is a adapter that changes the pins on the end of the plug. If there is no voltage conversion needed then it does not matter what adapter you use as it is only changing the pin layout. However if you devices only support 110V then you will also need a stepdown transformer.