Help! Backpack or suitcase on tour?


I bought a massive backpack from Kathmandu specifically for my trip to uk and top deck tour around Europe.
I am already in the uk with the backpack and I’m struggling to carry it around. I’m considering ditching the backpack and getting a suitcase for the tour.
Do you think I will regret taking a suitcase on the tour?
What’s everyone’s opinions?



Check that your pack is adjusted to suit the load you’re carrying. If it has a detachable day pack then I’d take that off and carry it in front of you - I’ve found that leaving it attached to the bag can throw you off balance.

I’d also take a good look at what you’ve packed - is there anything you can get rid of? People ALWAY pack more than they need so it just depends on what you’re willing to leave behind.

A backpack is always better than a suitcase. The footpaths in Europe make wheeling luggage very difficult and there are stairs everywhere. You don’t want to be constantly struggling to catch up to the group.


Thanks for the advise! Decided I’ll keep the backpack. Will reconsider what I wil take on the tour. I struggle getting it on my back so need someone to lift it on for me.
I’m looking at getting a travel trolly that I can strap my bag into to make it a bit easier to wheel around - still not sure about that option though…??


It’s always going to be a bit of a struggle to get a heavy pack on but if its fitted properly you should be ok after that. I usually have to sit it on a table or something first then strap in on that way!

If you really need the trolley then take it. I don’t know what your chances are of it surviving the whole trip though.

Have a great time!