Hey girls

Do you recommend taking a pair of heels or just not worrying about it? I can’t decide…


If you plan to visit the bars or whatever party on your trip in the evening for some chilling and you want to look good, it wouldn’t hurt to have a pair. But don’t plan on sightseeing in heels, unless they are wedge heels.


I’m def taking some. I figure one pair isn’t going to take up that much space haha


I was reading through Lonely Planet’s London guide and it had a Do and Don’t section. Apparently “Don’t wear heels. London streets eat heels for breakfast.” lol
So don’t walk around with them, but go clubbing :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the answers girls… Still undecided… But would definitely only be taking them to wear clubbing or something. Got my comfy walking shoes ready for sightseeing!


I have decided to take some black and silver slip ons, they will be great for popping on and off while on the bus,dressy enough to wear with a dress while still comfortable and compact… just an idea :slight_smile:


I’m bring a pair of wedges for clubbing and a pair of sandals that I can use during the day but can also be worn at night. Almost party time! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea Ivy… It’s so close now!! Woohoo!!! Definitely need to organise a time to meet for these drinks :smiley:


Add me on facebook - I liked one of your posts on Topdeck’s wall. I think that’s you right? At least then we can create a group & we’ll know what eachother looks like…

I fly out in 18 days. OMG!!!


Couldn’t find my post haha but I think I found you anyway (I hope lol)

I fly out in 15 days… So crazy!!! Doesn’t feel real yet