Heathrow Airport to the Umi Hotel?


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Just wanting to know the best way to get from Heathrow Airport to the Umi Hotel? Is the tube the way to go and easiest option?

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The tube is definitely the best option. It;s the quickest and the cheapest.

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there’s also this shuttle service that looks pretty good and isn’t too expensive!!


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I’ve been wondering the same thing! I’ve heard that the Tube is the quickest and cheapest, but is it easy to navigate?


Hello, I assume the UMI is the one in Bayswater? If so the tube is def the cheapest but not the fastest. On the tube you would have to catch the Piccadilly line to earls court and then change to the district line to get to Bayswater, this takes about an hour and will cost about £6.50 (£3 for the Oyster card which is refunded when returned and £3.50 for the trip). You could also take the Heathrow connect (Not the Express) which takes you to Paddington in 30 min then you could walk to Bayswater in 10 min which is a safe well lit walk, this costs £8.

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Thanks guys for that!!! Great info!!!

Is it just as easy to catch a cab/taxi?

Does anyone know approx how much would it cost to get to the Umi Hotel from the airport?


I just got back from a Discover Europe tour and we used the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station then took a short cab ride to the Umi. While it is a little expensive to take a one way ride on the Heathrow Express ( like 23 pounds?) it only takes 15 minutes to get downtown compared to a long while on the subway.