Heathrow Airport to Clink via Tube, NEED ADVICE***


Hi, this will be my first time in London and I need some advice on getting from Heathrow airport to Clink Hostel via Tube. The last time I was in the underground subway was 10 years ago, so I don’t remember the process.
I arrive into Heathrow Airport but I am not sure which terminal (its an international flight from US).
I have looked over the official London Tube website and I understand that I will have to take a dark-blue line (Piccadilly) from the airport to my stop at Kings Cross. I think that once I’m on the train, I’ll be fine, but buying the ticket and finding the correct platform that what worries me.
To those who have travelled this way before, there are ticket machines that I can purchase my pass, right? Are all tickets the same (b/c there’re different zones)? Credit card and/or cash are acceptable to purchase ticket with?
How do you know which station/platform and train to get on?

I could take a cab (which will cost way too much) but I kind of want to experience London by foot!
Thanks for the help. Any advice will be appreciated!


Hi Daria,

Its really easy, so have no fear!!! after you have gone through immigration, got your bag and gone through customs you will come out into the main arrivals section. There are massive signs saying “underground” follow them down to the trains. There are automatic ticket machines as well as ticket booths with people. Just go and buy your ticket from a person and they will happily direct you to the right platform (from memory there are only 2 - one that goes to the city and one that goes to the other airport terminals, so you really cant go wrong!!!)

oh and as for the ticket zones, yes they are different. I had to buy a specific ticket from the airport, but once you are in london city then you can get an oyster card or a day tripper pass and that allows you to catch all the trains in the city zones. i would have cash with me if i were you to buy them :slight_smile:

then once you are on the train you are home free!! there are station maps on the trains otherwise i took a little fold out map with me and just kept an eye on the stations to see where i was up to.

if you have any other questions at all, please feel free to ask :slight_smile:



Hi Daria,

Just a tiny hint from someone who was in the same predicament as you and had no idea where to go - when you get to the top of the escalators at Kings Cross Station (the one you want to get off for the Clink Hostel), turn right and follow the corridoor all the way until you get to another train station (I think its St Pancras), and then turn right again and you will see the main road for the directions to the clink. If you go straight ahead at the top of the escalotors, you end up at the back of Kings Cross Station and it is a mission to find the front again :slight_smile: Have fun, Topdeck is amazing!!


Thank you!!!


Theres not a lot of st signage so just make sure you follow the directions topdeck give you. it will take about 10min to walk from kings cross. The road forks at one point so make sure you cross over, i just looked on the shops for an address to make sure i was on the right st. Look for Travel Lodge if you see that you’re almost there!

I had to change trains 4 times my first day (had to get to a friends house) and had no idea til i got there but it was pretty easy, theres a route map inside each train carriage to follow.


don’t do it.see if you can organise some form of transfers from Heathrow Airport to the Clink.



There is a bus that picks up from kings cross and drops off right out front of the Clink. I bought a five day travel pass to get around london and i picked it up at heathrow and it got me all around the city including to and from the clink on the buses and underground. ask your travel agent about this.



Why? :confused: The tube is super easy, pretty quick and costs way less then a cab…