Have you been on tour?


Hey guys,:p[br][br]if you have been on tour with Top Deck, could you please write what it was like for you? any personal opinion. did you have a good time?;)[br][br]Marcela;D


I went on the European Cabin and Hostel 12 day trip in late May and had a great trip. We had a great team leader, Martina, a great ‘bonus’ team leader, Monique, the worlds best chef, Gavo and Coco, an absolutely amazing driver. Our tour bus was brand spanking new, and the tour was brillant. The only real downside for me was a couple of the people (but you’re never going to like everyone in life anyway!) and the accommodation in Amsterdam. But the staff are great, food is exceptional (we saw what another tour company gave their people and our scraps would have been better!).[br]If you want to have a proper read of how my tour went, you can have a look at my blog - http://lizasoe.blogspot.com/2005_05_01_lizasoe_archive.html.


thanks liza,:)[br][br]i’ve checked out your blog and i loved it! seems like you had a ball.more quest. here it comes:[br] [br]what was the craziest part of the tour? were there any non english speakers on the tour? did you go out on your last night or after the tour with the people you met on the tour? do you keep in touch?[br]and …what was your favourite place in europe?[br][br]sorry too many quest. :wink: [br][br]marcela:)[br][br]


I’ve kept in touch with about four or five people from tour… I’m usually crap at keeping in contact though. There were five non English people (3 thai’s and 2 chinese). If someone is planning on going who doesnt speak english, I think they’ll be fine so long as they’re easy going and friendly. My favourite place… I really liked Paris, mainly because I felt I saw a lot, and I wish we had spent more time in Austria. I also really liked Amsterdam (apart from the hostel). The only place that didnt excite me was Switzerland, but thats just me. We did have a few drinks some of us when we got back to London, and dinner the night following with those who were left. Let me know if theres anything else…


hey liza,[br]thanks a lot for that, cool stuff,i really liked your website, what was the cool pj party about, that must have been so crazy! did everyone go in pj!!?[br]and i think you right about the food, cuz i compared it with contiki and they dont provide lunches and ive asked people, where would they eat on tour and they said on the fuel station…and one guy told me he would spend 10-15 euro on lunch easily…one reason more to go with top deck i think[br]cuz they do lunch as well, and a aparantly the food is top quality and quanity as well…thats what ive heard so far…and they do picnic under eiffel tower![br]how come you wrote you had 2tour guides? was it cuz the group was too big?[br][br]and how come you dont write anything about the last day of the tour on the website?[br]thank you so much again[br]marcela