Have 3 days to kill before tour. What to do?


Hi all[br][br]Im am doing a tour on Oct 3 (european odyssey) but have 3 spare days in London before the tour starts. Anyone have any tips on some places to see and things to do for a few days? Im staying at the generator of that makes any difference.[br][br]Thanks


Well, if it’s your first time to London, there is loads you can do![br]I recommend the Tower of London, visting Greenwhich, the Brittish Museum, Climbing the Monuement (its cheaper then the London Eye and has great views, plus you get a certificate at the end) and going for a walk along the Thames, that way you will see all the major sights like Parliament House and Big Ben and it wont cost you anything. The Generator is nice and close to Picadilly Circus too which is a great place to visit (esp at night)[br]If you don’t mind walking there is a Guided tour that leaves from the Generator every day (I think?) and takes in most of the major places so if you see anything you really like you can always go back.[br]Hope this helps[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


Do one of the day trips to stonehenge and bath - Evan Evan tours are quite good! Def the London Eye and def Madame Tussuads![br]Jo


In London you will have NO problems in killing 3 days. There is so much to see!![br][br]I agree with everything Chrissy said. Go and see: London eye, London dungeon, madame tussards, Westminster Abbey, St Pauls Abbey, Big Ben, maybe try to catch a last minute theatre show, tower of London there is so much to see. Just use the underground, it will get you ANYWHERE! Buying a day pass makes it pretty cheap as well. [br][br]Day trips are also a great idea, Stonehenge is well worth it. Cambridge is amazing if you love all the old colleges and there are even Harry Potter tours which take you to some of the sights out of the movie.


Hi Domo,[br][br]I spent a week in London and agree with everyone who has replied that there is heaps to do, it just depends on your interests.[br][br]During my week there I[br][br] - walked through Hyde park, looking at Princess Diana memorial and squirrels![br] - Did a day trip to Windsor Castle, which included an afternoon at Buckingham Palace. I really enjoyed this![br] - Visited Camden Markets - this was great![br] - Walked across the pedestrian crossing at Abbey Road![br] - Visted Kensington Palace[br] - Tower of London - really interesting![br] - Thames Cruise to Greenwich[br] - went to see Wicked[br] - rode the London Eye ( I don’t think this is a must, as it was good but not great and as your time is limited, this may not be a priority)[br] - went to look at Harrods![br][br]I think they are the main highlights. I loved London and had a great time there. I agree with Lozzie that the underground is great and will take you everywhere you need to go![br][br]So there is heaps to do…you just need to decide what you most want to see![br][br]Raina


thanks for the advice.


hey, I had 1 day at the end of my tour, and I booked a day trip to Stonehenge. I did it thru Anderson tours, and it was SO AWESOME. I did the early AM one - it was freakin early, but it was 10000% worth it. It was maybe 75 pounds, totally cool. They picked us up in London at various hotels, took us around to Stonehenge and Salisbury, and then dropped us back around 4 in London. [br][br]HIGHLY recommended…[br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27