Has anyone done the oz bush to beaches tour?


hi guys just after some reviews about the bush beaches tour 19 days. I am looking to go on my own in august 2011, but have heard mixed reviews about top deck, i was looking into contiki but not sure to be honest. I would be VERY grateful if someone who has already done this tour could help me decide

jodie x


Great to know too.
I havent that sort of trip but keen to know. My big dream trip is to drive around big OZ. One day…


Hey Jodie

I’m booking to go on the Beach to Bush tour in August but doing the reverse version (starting 1st aug in alice springs).
I’m going to be going alone, so if you do book would be good to chat!
Not too sure what to expect but it seems like a good deal at the moment…plus the other tour companies i’ve looked at don’t seem to cover as much stuff, guess you need to look at places you want to go and which tour offers best value - thats what helped me decide!



Did the Island Suntanner (same tour as bush to beach minus the red cetre part) back when Topdeck was still Connections, which is a really award winning company in Australia, and I would assume they still operate to the same standards. I loved their tour, I was also looking at Contiki as well, however, I thought Connections (Topdeck now) offered a much more all encompassing overall great experience, as I got the impression Contiki was more about how much partying they could do. Accomodations were nice, sometimes the quad share rooms got a little tight, but nothing too extreme. The tour included a lot of delicious meals which saved money, and there were plenty of optional activities. There is quite a lot of ground covered so a good comfortable time on the bus is essential too.
Hope this helps.


Hey, I’m doing the Beach and Bush Reverse starting 1st Aug too, nice to see someone else is going alone too, thought it would just be me! I’m a complete travelling rookie, and feel I must be mad going alone for my first trip…