Has anyone changed their tour/trip to another one


I’m currently booked on the European Getaway for august 2012 but am considering switching to the European Wonder instead as it is for less days and truth be told i am a bit worried and nervous about travelling solo (my first time at 26yrs lol yes i feel like a big baby now ha ha) for 3 weeks, which is know is only a week more than the European Wonder trip.

I’m torn between the two trips as i do really want to visit Czech Republic


Well, although I didn’t “officially” book my trip yet, I initially wanted to go on the European Getaway departing May 5th, but because it wasn’t a guaranteed departure and nobody was booked on it yet, I am going to be going on the European Wonder on May 3rd. And though the May 3rd departure isn’t guaranteed either, it is filling up a lot faster.

To be honest, this is my first time travelling solo as well (I will turn 18 during the trip). But the only difference I found between the two trips is that the second one fits more within my budget and that they are essentially the same with the exception of travelling to Monaco and Czech Republic.


Hey Samz-Samz,

I went solo on the Winter Getaway for 18 days. It was an amazing time and I wish it went for longer. You wouldn’t be the only one traveling solo, so I don’t think that should be a concern to you and you’ll quickly make friends from the tour. Plus it’s a lot more fun traveling Europe with people in your tour then on your own (imo).

I would encourage visiting the Czech Republic. Prague was one of my favorite cities and I went back there post trip with a few of the people from the tour.

Hope that helps & happy to answer any other questions you might have.



Thank you both for your answers I think I may just stick with the european getaway as I could really do with the trip and I hope it will be a great experience


I am 28 and a first time solo traveler. I am going on the Winter Spirit which is 24 days in Feb 2012. I initially felt a bit like you. But the lure of going to Poland and Czech made me stick with my original decision.

I don’t think you will regret it :slight_smile: