Hard Shell Suitcases


I’m confused as to whether I can bring a standard size hard shell samsonite suitcase on my trip departing July - apparently they are not preferred? I’m worried about safety as I have had bags slit open at airports before and really don’t want anything to be stolen again :frowning: Please help!


Hi Lauren

You may bring a hard shell suitcase with you on your trip, as long as it is within our specified weight and luggage dimensions. We only suggest that you don’t use hard-type suitcases as these can get damaged under the coach quite easily, however the option is yours.

Hope this clears up any confusion.

Topdeck Team


Hi I’m still confused. What’s the difference between a “hard shell” suitcase and a “hard type” suitcase? It might be a silly q but clarification would be great as I don’t want to be wasting money on the wrong suitcase.


Hi Ange,

In this instance we mean the same thing.

Topdeck Team