Happy to answer questions


I?ve recently done a 12 day Adriatic Voyager trip (part of the Summer Fun & Sailing trip) with Topdeck, and am happy to answer any questions… We went to Rome, Greece (3 days sailing), Tirana, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Venice. I also did a Busabout flexi trip after my tour ? both were great!


Hi Jessica,

I’m booked on the Adriatic Voyager for Sept 24 2010. How was the weather for you last summer? Do you recall where you stopped in Greece? Do I need to bring a towel? Do the hostels/hotels have WiFi? Please let me know if there’s anything else that came up as a surprise on your trip. I’ve done tons of tours before but this is my first Topdeck.

(toronto, canada)



I’m wondering what type of bag to take sailing-been told not suitcase so looked at backpack but it seemed very small-60. 61littres,2.06kg-the description leaflet on the bag said it’s for a long weekend.

the other is Sport travel bag-90litres.3.5kg,h75cm,w42cm,d42cm-which seems better.

Both bags are soft then hard bit on the bottom.


Hey, my bag for the sailing trip is like 60litres, and its a backpak/travel pack, i think its a bit bigger than they reccomend, but its only cause were going travelling for a bit after we checked it out with the company and they said it was alright but we’d just have to deal with having a little bit less space in out cabin. Hope that helps ya a little bit.

Sarah :slight_smile: