Hans brinker hostel, amsterdam


has anyone actually stayed there?
as part of the european getaway tour we’re staying there for 2 nights… i looked it up on google and it sounds TERRIBLE!
but some of the reviews just seem stupid… does anyone know if it is really that bad or are they just fake reviews?


It is pretty much right in the heart of Amsterdam. You walk down the road and you’re on a main street with loads of restaurants and shops plus Mike’s Bikes bike hire place is pretty much next door. You won’t be spending too much of your time at the hostel so don’t be too worried. The location of the hostel is fantastic so make use of that. It is pretty much the most basic of accommodation but the location makes up for it.
And instead of having breakfast there, I suggest going down the road and getting pancakes for breakfast or something. So good.


thanks for your advice! some websites were saying it was horrible and dirty and the staff were rude… got a bit worried