Hanoi tourism is great!


Hanoi is very beautiful and bold national identity,
I have had the opportunity to travel here!
Hanoi is well-known for its ancient city was built in thousands of year ago, it is renowed for the old quarter with 36 streets, where visitors are interesting in shopping, trying to taste of food & drinks. Your hanoi tours is coming up here to learn about the culture and religion via visiting temples, pagodas, ancient villages and traditional handicraft villages. The typical beauty of Hanoi city is a system natural lakes and the green trees in anywhere of city that is a wonderful feeling by walking on Hanoi’s streets. Besides, visitors also enjoy unique flavors of the food and drinks of Hanoi in the local Vietnamese restaurant and even of being on streets. The strong impression of this land by the sweet and gentle hospitality of Hanoi people who are friendly, courteous and hospitable. Coming, you will enjoy the most excellent features of Hanoi’s Land, Hanoi’s people, Hanoi tours will bring you into the unforgettable memories of the tours in Vietnam.

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