Hand bags


Hey Guys,

Just wondering whether anyone has any advice as to suitable (or safe and sturdy) types of bags to carry on you throughout Europe?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


i just purchased an across the body bag…a bag with a strap so it can be worn across the body…


if your buying especially for traveling the Pacsafe stuff is top quality…


I was using a Backpack. It was very handy and useful . .


I’d recomend across the body bag with a zipper and an ajustable strap that you can shorten, wear it over both shoulders and keep it tucked in close to your body with the zipper in front. If you want to go with a backpack I wouldn’t advise putting your passport or money in it, if you do wear it on front, most tourist heavy areas like rome or paris have alot of pick pockets but if you keep your bag in close and zipped you can keep your stuff pretty secure


thanks for that colleen


Backpacks and Desley Luggage Helium Fusion Light 21 Inches Expandable Carryon is good for traveling to Europe. Do not forget to lock your bag with chains with lock as there are many snitch who steal pic pockets.