Hairdryers on Tour?



I was just wondering if any girls had an opinion on whether or not it would be a good idea to bring a hair dryer along on tour? I have long hair that takes a looong time to dry without a dryer, but I hate to take up the extra room and weight in my pack. Any input would be much appreciated!



I would buy a hair dryer there. You can probably get one for about $20 in a drug store. More then likely your hair dryer will not tolerate the voltage over there (especially if all you have is an adaptor) and may end blowing. I went through two different American straighteners when I lived in London even though both claimed to be dual voltage.


Hi Kendra

You can buy really compact light-weight hairdryers made specifically for travelling. Check out for example.

Good luck!



My advice would be to definitely take one! On my contiki tour a few years ago, I didn’t take a hair dryer or straightener for the sake of saving a bit of extra weight. On nights out I always felt I looked a mess because of it! I’ve learned my lesson for my next trip coming up!!