Hair/Hair Dryer issue for the girls!


Hello[br][br]What tour are you going on? I’m going on the Europe uncovered leaving August 28 2006…I’m so excited.[br][br]I’ve done loads of travel in the past & have always brought my trusty hairdryer with a converter so I can plug it in anywhere. My hairdryer is quite small so it packs away neatly in the side pocket of my suitcase. The last trip I went on was to Canada & I brought my hairdryer & straightner (it’s a mini one) & even this wasn’t too much to carry…I think it’s worth it.[br][br]I would reccommend you portion out your shampoo & conditioner into smaller bottles if your normal bottles are huge, otherwise it doesn’t really make that much of a difference! [br][br]Enjoy your trip! :)[br][br][quote]Originally posted by aussiegoingtoeurope[br]
Hello,[br]I hope I’m not sounding too materialistic here but what have girls done in the past with the whole hair dyer/hair straighter issue.[br]I have a GHD hair straighter which I use all the time and would like to bring with me on my trip. I obviously need to have dry hair to be able to use it but am happy to let me hair dry naturally during the day then be able to straighten my hair when I want eg. when we go out at night. I have heard about travel hair dyers - are they worth it? I guess you just have to get the adaptor converters.[br]Also is it too much space to take full bottles of shampoo and conditioner or better to put some of the bottle in a smaller traveling bottle?[br][br]Or is it stupid to be even considering these sorts of things when traveling and just take what is only essential? I am going on a HOTEL tour.[br][br]Any insight would be much appreciated!![br][br][br][/quote]


Go for it! I just came back from th 24 day Europe and I brought my hairdryer (a small one) and several girls brought their straighteners too - be prepared for the inevitable sharing though - theres usually only a couple of power points and they get in high demand! What happened frequently was like a dryer straightener round robin so as long as you’re not too precious about it then rock on! (and YES you’ll definitely need the adapter…)[br][br]Have a great time!![br][br]xx8-)