Guide For Camping Essential Checklist


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Have you ever been to camping? Those who have visited any camping place will surely relate to this post and those who have not yet gone for camping must read it. Camping is one of my personal favorite activity to do when I am out for a vacation. It’s the easiest way to refresh your mind and soul by cutting a connection between fast-moving lives and yourself.
But camping can only be adventurous when you have everything that you need for you to stay there. I mean to say all important items for daily purposes like shelter, food, personal items, clothes, and other travel accessories.
I am sharing with you a **Camping Essential Checklist** with you with details of all the important things you need to carry:
1. Shelter & Comfort: Tent, Sleeping Bag, Ground Trap, Sleeping Pads.
2. Cooking Necessities: Food, Cooler, Drinks, Dish Soaps, Utensils, Towel and Stove.
3. Personal Items: Clothes, Shoes, Soap, Sleeping Clothes. Toothbrush and Paste.
4. Additional Essentials: Firewood, Bug Spray, Magnesium Bar, Toilet paper, Lighter, Hand Sanitizer, Knife, Flashlight or Headlamp.

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