Guaranteed departures


Is it common for tours which are not guaranteed to not run? Whats the likely hood? I’m now thinking of doing a second tour Britain and Ireland but the date that fits in well with my others isn’t guaranteed. I’m worried that if I book it, it wont run. What are the minimum numbers? What happens if it dosnt go?


Hey,[br][br]I have just booked my main tour that is not guaranteed as it fits in with the rest of my plans also. I have been told that topdeck are pretty reliable and that the chances of the tour not goin ahead is fairly slim. If the tour doesn’t go ahead i think we get 6 weeks notice. Keep the fingers crossed and go with the flow is what im doing.[br][br]Good luck


oh should have mentioned if the tour doesn’t go ahead you get a full refund or can join the next available tour.


I booked the Britain tour as my 2nd tour this year (after doing a Europe one in June) and the only one that fit in with my dates was not guaranteed. About 5 days before I left NZ I had a look at the departure dates page out of interest and my one had been taken off which either meant it must be full or cancelled. So I emailed Topdeck in the UK and an Australian contact email too and got no response so I went to see my travel agent a couple of days later and she was sure it meant it was full as she had not been told anything. But she called Topdeck anyway to put my mind at rest, and was told on the phone it had in fact been cancelled due to lack of numbers. She seemed even more annoyed than me as she felt she should be told immediately so she can help the client make other arrangements.[br][br]When anyone was going to get around to actually informing the travel agents and those booked on it that it was cancelled I don’t know. The other options for this tour didn’t work with my dates, hence the reason for choosing this non-guaranteed one in the first place. I ended doing a similar Contiki tour instead around the same dates (it was 1 day longer and started a day earlier) which I had to make a decision about on the spot with the travel agent as it was guaranteed and virtually full. To be fair, I was leaving NZ 2 months before this particular tour. It would just have been very difficult for me to deal with once I’d left and was travelling around. And although it was a couple of months in advance, I still feel people should be told immediately something is cancelled and not have to chase it up themselves.[br][br]In the end I’m glad I ended up doing the Contiki tour instead. It cost a little bit more but it was hotel instead of hostel accommodation and I got St Andrews (which as a golf fan was one of the highlights of my whole trip), the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, Liverpool, and north Wales in addition to what I would have got on the Topdeck tour, plus the return journey to London rather than having to organise my own way back after the Topdeck one. I was going to arrange Liverpool myself to do the Beatles stuff anyway so it didn’t end up costing anymore than I’d have spent otherwise.[br][br]It worked out well in the end but the communication from Topdeck was not good in this instance. Personally I found Contiki to be considerably easier to get any contact or info out of after handing over my money. My advice would be, if you book a non-guaranteed tour make sure to check the departure dates probably daily so you know as soon as anything changes and can chase it up.


I hear that if a trip doesn’t go ahead Topdeck offer a full discount and will give you several options (sometimes an upgrade!). From the sound of things they are pretty reputable and will always try and sort you at and will let you know in advance so you can make a plan.