Greek sailing


I?m doing the Adriatic Voyager in July, which I think is part of the Summer fun and Sailing trip. Just wondering if anyone has done either of these before and could let me know about the 3 day sailing in Greece! Where did you go, how was it, what did you do, etc! Thanks!


Can anyone at all help with this question?


The three days sailing in Greece was awesome!!![br][br]We started off Plataria which is a beautiful little Greek village and everyone was divvied up into groups of five to take the boats out, which are simple to use. By early afternoon (after packing the boats & learing how to use them) we were headed out across to the island of Corfu and for the rest of the trip we sailed up and down the coast, heading back to Plataria on the afternoon of the third day.[br][br]When sailing out in the open water it is pretty serene, especially if the sun is out - lazing about on the deck. The first night on Corfu we stayed at this little fishing village which had a restaurant next the harbour and we ate Greek food and zorba danced late into the night! The second night was spent at a bit of a bigger village which had a British pub which was a pretty massive night…[br][br]The sleeping arrangements weren’t too comofortable to be honest, there are bunks in the boat but it gets pretty hot in there (I did it in September so I could imagine July would be hotter…) so I ended up taking a li-lo out onto the dock and slept on terra firma out in the open![br][br]So to sum it up, if you enjoy copious amounts of: open water, swimming, drinking & Greek food, you’ll have a blast! It was the highlight of my tour.[br][br]Ya can’t buy cultcha, but 12 Turkish Lira can get you fun times!


omg that sounds AMAZING!!! i realy cant wait now haha


Thanks so much, that sounds so good! Do you know if anyone went scuba diving at Corfu, or was this offered? Thanks again!


We didn’t go scuba diving on our trip and I doubt that an opportunity would arise as most of the day is spent on the boats. But there would be no harm in asking, as I’m sure where I went on my tour wouldn’t be exactly the same for every other tour, we only got to see a small bit of Corfu.[br][br][br]_____________________[br][br]Ya can’t buy cultcha, but 12 Turkish Lira can get you fun times!